CEANT Welcomes New and Renewing Members


The Association's Executive for 2020 is:



Anita Synnott


Kay Buckland


Coralie Boyd

Public Officer/ Chairperson:

Jenni Smith

Other Executive members

Julia Anderson

Donna McAskill


There are three membership levels in accordance with professional development standards:


Professional Membership:

Endorsed Graduate Cert Career Development

Career Education or above

Endorsed Vocational Grad Cert

Associate Membership:

Certificate IV Career Development

Affiliate Membership:

All other interested people including VETiS & Industry participants


Download and complete the membership form, then email a copy, or send a copy by post, to CEANT. If you use email please deposit the appropriate membership fee into the CEANT bank account with your name attached to the payment. CEANT also accepts cheques.


Download: our Membership Form (.pdf)


Download: our Constitution Form (.pdf)

CEANT Membership Benefits Include:

  • Links to national and international career associations and organisations including the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA)
  • Access to a network of contacts e.g. employer organisations, tertiary institutions and government agencies
  • Access to the Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) online learning community that provides professional support to members
  • Advice, consultancy and advocacy on the variety of career pathways available to Territorians.
  • Access to professional literature
  • Liaison and support for regional career practitioners through video conferencing, teleconferencing and online communications.
  • Regular meeting opportunities for networking, support, exchange of best practice and professional development aligned to the Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners.
  • Financial support for registration at selected professional learning and conferences.
  • Opportunity to apply for the Janine Watt Award for Career Development - $1000 awarded to a member each year to use for personal career development.
  • Member rates for professional development opportunities.