CEANT schedules at least eight (8) General meetings each year. The Executive Committee meets in between General meetings, and more often as necessary for CEANT events and activities.


General meetings are held at venues where online facilities are available for remote members to participate. A Professional Development component is part of these meetings with the aim of assisting members to maintain national professional standards and CPD Logs.


The Annual General Meeting is usually held in conjunction with the Education Department’s Employment Pathways Seminar in February or March each year when attendance by Career Practitioners from outside Darwin is more likely.


ceant meetings schedule

 Term One   
Week 3 Executive 
Thursday Week 52 March 2017GeneralRydges Palmerston
Week 7 Executive 
Thursday Week 930 March 2017GeneralMacKillop College
Monday Week 103 April 2017AGMRydges Palmerston
 Term Two   
Friday Week 1121 April 2017PDCDU Career Advisors Day
Week 13 Executive 
Thursday  Week 1518 May 2017General Rydges Palmerston
Thursday Week 17 Executive 
Thursday Week 1915 June 2017GeneralRydges Palmerston

 Term Three


 Thursday Week 5

24 August 2017GeneralNTSDE The Gardens

 Week 7


 Friday Week 9

22 September 2017PD Networking dinnerRydges Palmerston

 Term Four


 Week 13


 Thursday Week 15

9 November 2017GeneralRydges Palmerston - ICT PD

 Week 17


 Thursday Week 19

7 December 2017General

Rydges Palmerston

End of Year Networking Function - announce

Janine Watt Award


Meetings Gallery

CEANT aims to include Professional Learning opportunities with General Meetings to enhance the quality of dialogue and networking, and to help members to maintain professional currency.


 June 22, 2017


CEANT member Anita Synott presented for the Professional Development part of June's General Meeting.


 Meeting presentation








March 30, 2017


Rhonda Scullen and Mackillop College hosted our meeting,

provided afternoon tea, and presented an overview of the

Career Development Education program at the school. 















April 3, 2017


CEANT's Annual General Meeting was held at Rydges in

Palmerston for a breakfast meeting with a presentation on the

'New Work Order' report by Michelle Pipino from Foundation Young Australia.